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How to disable event links in FullCalendar when using Google Calendar feed?

I am using FullCalendar library to load events in my calendar from Google Calendars. Unfortunately after events have been added to the calendar, they are clickable. When you click on the event you are automatically redirected to the Google Calendars page to view that specific event, or if you have enaught access rights – to directly edit it. While this is very useful for event management, I cannot imagine why a site visitor would like to be redirected to an external page every time he clicks on event in a calendar.

Is there a way to disable “open on click” in the FullCalendar, overwriting link opening to an empty javascript function call could also be an option.



Might be worth trying your own event renderer in the fullcalendar options:

{ eventRender:function (event, element)}  

To do this, you will need to write all of the rendering code yourself – can start with the original implementation and tweak as needed.
Have not tried this wih a google calendar implementation, but have used it with custom json to turn on or off href as needed.

Alternatively, you could:
Hack the gcal.js file to make it not set the href property on the event objects.
Intercept the event data before rendering, and remove the href property.

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