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How to delete all Child Elements from a div element using JS

Hey guys i am learning JS, the thing is i made a simple application which display the multiplication table of the input number. The problem is that when i enter a number again the it will print below the previous multiplication table so i want to delete all the child element of div tag when i enter a number again

function print() {
    var box = document.getElementById("table");

    for(let i=1 ; i<=10 ; i++) {
        var t = document.getElementById("tabInput").value;
        var t_Element = document.createElement("p");
        var t_line = document.createTextNode(t + " x " + i + " = " + t*i);



If you need to clear ALL elements, then there is no need to iterate through them.

You can just clear the innerHTML of the div like so:

document.getElementById('yourdivid').innerHTML = '';

And then you can proceed with the rest of your code that creates the new elements

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