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How To Configure Cypress To Wait Longer (or Indefinitely) for BaseUrl?

I am using this Cypress image in a docker-compose.yml to run end to end tests: cypress/included:6.1.0

When the test runner starts it will verify that a server can be reached at baseUrl. If not, it retries 3 times.

My services and web server need a little more time to start.

How can I increase the timeout and/or number of retries for this check.

Preferably, in my case I’d like a retry-until-success policy, i.e. indefinite retries/wait.

I have checked the Timeouts section and the cypress.json documentation more generally. However none of those timeouts or retries seem to relate to this behavior.

Is there a setting for this?

TO CLARIFY: This is not a check I implemented (or want to) as part of my specs. This is, as far as I can tell so far, a feature of cyprus run, the default command in the image. If possible I would like to configure this without adding to or revising the tests themselves.

Here is the docker-compose console output when cypress starts in the container:

cypress_1         | Cypress could not verify that this server is running:
cypress_1         |
cypress_1         |   > http://localhost:5000
cypress_1         |
cypress_1         | We are verifying this server because it has been configured as your `baseUrl`.
cypress_1         |
cypress_1         | Cypress automatically waits until your server is accessible before running tests.
cypress_1         |
cypress_1         | We will try connecting to it 3 more times...
cypress_1         | We will try connecting to it 2 more times...
cypress_1         | We will try connecting to it 1 more time...
cypress_1         |
cypress_1         | Cypress failed to verify that your server is running.
cypress_1         |
cypress_1         | Please start this server and then run Cypress again.
cypress_1 exited with code 1



You should ensure your server is running before calling cypress run using a utility like wait-on or start-server-and-test.

Cypress’s check on the baseUrl is a final courtesy check just so you don’t run through your whole test suite on a server that is not running.

For tips on ensuring your server is running before running Cypress, check out the Cypress docs here: