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How to color vue2 leaflet markers dynamically?

I have an google-maps_pin.svg file which represents a google-maps pin.

I would like to color the different markers (generated with v-for) based on categories (restaurant, art gallery, etc.) dynamically.

Is there a way to achieve that with vue2 leaflet?

Here’s my map:

  style="z-index: 0" 
  <l-tile-layer :url="url"></l-tile-layer>
      v-for="(markedLocation, index) in marker" 
      :key="'marker-' + index" 

The color I want to give to the individual pins is stored in variable.



Yes you can implement by using this property L.divIcon().

Represents a lightweight icon for markers that uses a simple <div> element instead of an image. Inherits from Icon but ignores the iconUrl and shadow options.

Your template will be like bellow

<div id="app">
    <l-map :zoom="zoom" :center="center">
      <l-tile-layer :url="url" :attribution="attribution"></l-tile-layer>
        v-for="(item, index) in markers"
        :key="'marker-' + index"

and your getIcon() method will be like this

getIcon(item) {
  return L.divIcon({
    className: "my-custom-pin",
    html: `<svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 20 34.892337" height="60" width="40">
  <g transform="translate(-814.59595,-274.38623)">
    <g transform="matrix(1.1855854,0,0,1.1855854,-151.17715,-57.3976)">
      <path d="m 817.11249,282.97118 c -1.25816,1.34277 -2.04623,3.29881 -2.01563,5.13867 0.0639,3.84476 1.79693,5.3002 4.56836,10.59179 0.99832,2.32851 2.04027,4.79237 3.03125,8.87305 0.13772,0.60193 0.27203,1.16104 0.33416,1.20948 0.0621,0.0485 0.19644,-0.51262 0.33416,-1.11455 0.99098,-4.08068 2.03293,-6.54258 3.03125,-8.87109 2.77143,-5.29159 4.50444,-6.74704 4.56836,-10.5918 0.0306,-1.83986 -0.75942,-3.79785 -2.01758,-5.14062 -1.43724,-1.53389 -3.60504,-2.66908 -5.91619,-2.71655 -2.31115,-0.0475 -4.4809,1.08773 -5.91814,2.62162 z" style="fill:${item.color};stroke:${item.strokeColor};"/>
      <circle r="3.0355" cy="288.25278" cx="823.03064" id="path3049" style="display:inline;fill:${item.circleColor};"/>

You could check here with working JS fiddle and please see below screenshot taken from JS fiddle.

enter image description here