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How to close an element by clicking outside of it?

I’m currently trying to close an element when its style is different than “display = none”. I’m having an error in the console telling me that lists. some aren’t a function so I may not have understood well the “some” method.

More Infos on what I want : Given that I have 3 lists (in lists), when I click outside of it or its elements I want to close all the lists)

Thanks in advance

const lists = document.querySelectorAll(".list");

function closeList() {
    document.addEventListener("click", () => {
        if(lists.some((list) => != "none")) {
            return = none;
        } else return;


You can use Node.contains() to check if is a descendant of element and run callback if not:

function onClickOutside(ele, cb) {
  document.addEventListener('click', event => {
    if (!ele.contains( cb();

// Using
onClickOutside('#list', () => console.log('Hi!'));
// Will log 'Hi!' whenever the user clicks outside of #list