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How to change the tooltip description of the following control that control is from Ant Design?

In the following I show the tooltip that I want to change, the control shown is an upload (Ant Design) and I want to modify the tooltip

Thank you very much

const { Dragger } = Upload;

const props = {
  name: "file",
  multiple: true,
  action: "",
  onChange(info) {
    const { status } = info.file;
    if (status !== "uploading") {
      console.log(info.file, info.fileList);
    if (status === "done") {
      message.success(`${} file uploaded successfully.`);
    } else if (status === "error") {
      message.error(`${} file upload failed.`);

return (
    <Dragger {...props}>
      <p className="ant-upload-drag-icon">
        <InboxOutlined />
      <p className="ant-upload-text">
        Haga clic o arrastre el archivo a esta área para cargar
      <p className="ant-upload-hint">
        Soporte para una carga ├║nica o masiva.
    <Button type="primary" style={{ marginTop: 16 }}>
      Iniciar Carga

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It looks like the only way without editing their source code is using ConfigProvider to match your localization. I assume that’s what you want to modify is convert the text to Spanish.


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