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How to call useMap() outside of the file where is NOT called?

I am using react-leaflet.

For example I want to set bounds to map outside of the file where <MapContainer> is called. For this I need to use const map = useMap();. How do I connect useMap() with the file where was called?

Or to clarify even more.. I want to connect with the map outside of the map file to be enable to add/remove stuff. For example I want to enable markers outside of the file where <MapContainer> is called.


ghybs is probably right in that you’re probably thinking of doing something that doesn’t truly require the object in an ancestor of the MapContainer. Especially if you’re simply talking about using map Marker components – theyre only ever useful as children of a map. That being said, what you’re talking about doing is simple to set up. An example of how to make the underlying object available is right there in the react-leaflet docs.

A quick example:

const App = () => {
  const [mapRef, setMapref] = useState();
  return (
      <Map setMapRef={setMapRef} />
      <SomewhereElse mapRef={mapRef} />

const Map = ({ setMapRef }) => {
  return <MapContainer whenCreated={setMapRef} />

Once the MapContainer loads the leafletmap, whenCreated is fired, which then fires the callback setMapRef. The instance is now saved to the mapRef state variable in App, and is available there to be used SomewhereElse.