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How to call php file into a div?

I’m trying to reload only specific div

$("#captcha").html('<?php echo 'abc';?>'); // just as test - works well

Because div content is much larger, I tried:

$("#captcha").html('<?php include 'myFile.php';?>'); // doesn't work

How can I call the code from a .php file into a div ?


use $('div').load('phpfile.php')

$.load is used to load data from the server via an html file or a server-side script like php. Just to have an overview of what you can do with $.load you can also load page fragments by including a selector after the page you want to retrieve. This way only the contents of the selected element will be loaded into your container. You can also pass in data and execute functions after the request has complete(callbacks).

$.html is different because its only used to get or set the contents of an existing element. You can however use it with ajax methods like $.post, $.get, $.ajax to update the contents of an existing element.

Read up jQuery’s documentation on the $.load and $.html methods if you want to have an in-depth understanding on how these method works.