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How to bubble events on a component subcomponent chain with Vue js 2?

I have my vue application using:

component-parent component that is made of component-child

inside component-parent I have buttons, when someone click a button I want to emit an event in order to be handled by vue and passed to another component

What I did so far:

var vm = new Vue({
    el: '#app',
    methods: {
        itemSelectedListener: function(item){
            console.log('itemSelectedListener', item);

Vue.component('component-child', {
    template: ' <span  v-on:click="chooseItem(pty )" >Button  </span>',
    methods: {
        chooseItem: function(pty){
            this.$emit('itemSelected', {
                'priority' : pty

Vue.component('component-parent', {
    template: '<component-child  v-for="q in items" ></component-child>'


<component-parent v-on:itemSelected="itemSelectedListener"  ></component-parent>

It reaches my console.log(pty); line but it seems that this.$emit('itemSelected' wont get through:

console.log('itemSelectedListener', item); // this is not going to be called...

an hint?

should I bubble up the event from child->parent->Vue-instance? ( I also tried that but with no success)



There is one issue with your component-parent template as it tries to render multiple child components. Vue usually requires a single root div inside components therefore you need to wrap it in a div or other tag.

    <component-child  v-for="q in items"></component-child>

A second thing to point out is that you emit an event from a child component which is 2 levels down and you listen to it in the root.

Root //but you listen to the event up here 1 level above
 Component 1 //you should listen to the event here
  Component 2 //your try to emit it from here

You have 2 options here. Either emit from component-child listen to that event in component-parent then propagate that event upwards. Fiddle

The second option would be to register a global so called bus which is an empty vue instance that you can use for such cases when you want communication between non child-parent components. Fiddle

Usually between parent and child components you use the events directly by emitting from child and listening in parent with v-on:event-name="handler" but for cases where you have more levels between components you use the second approach.

Doc link for the first case:

Doc link for the second case:

PS: prefer using kebab-case for event names which means you write with - instead of capital letters. Writing with capital letters can result in weird situations where your event is not caught in the root.

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