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How to add disabled attribute via prop to a button in react?

I am creating a custom button component in react. I want to pass a prop to that button, based on the value of which button gets enabled or disabled.

My problem is – The mere presence of the disabled property disables the element, so I cannot set its value as “false”. Even the following code is disabling the element

<input type="button" id="myBtn" value="Submit" disabled="" />

I need to either remove the attribute completely or set its property via javascript.

document.getElementById("myBtn").disabled = true;

My custom button component is –

import React from 'react';

const CustomButton = ({ whenClicked, classNames, buttonText, isDisabled }) =>
            onClick   = {whenClicked}
            className = {`btn ${classNames}`}
            type      = "button"
            disabled  = {isDisabled}

export default CustomButton;

isDisabled is a boolean value.

One more thing, I lost the default submit behavior of button while using custom button. Now I always need to pass a click handler. Is there any way to achieve the same behavior again?



What you currently have should work perfectly fine. Be careful that when you use CustomButton you don’t send in the value for disabled as a string. That will make it disabled regardless of what you pass in. Instead, you need to pass in a boolean, that’s in JSX syntax.

Here’s a sample usage where you would put it inside of a render function of a component that uses the button:

render() {
            whenClicked={() => console.log('I just got clicked')}
            buttonText="Some Button"

Basically, instead of false you could pass in something else. You could pass in a boolean value that’s stored on the props of the container that holds the CustomButton.

You could say isDisabled={this.props.disableInnerButton} and it would work as you would expect. Changing the value of the boolean will disable or enable the button.

Below you can find a relevant answer I gave recently on a very similar topic:

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