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How do you find the closest number in an array while using 2 identifiers?

Say I have an array of objects:

const arr = [

const goal = 7

I have this code that properly finds the closest number when ONLY accounting for num:

const closest = arr.reduce(function (prev, curr) {
    return Math.abs(curr.num - goal) <
      Math.abs(prev.num - goal)
      ? curr
      : prev;

It returns {num:7,numTwo:9} (because first instance), but I want numTwo to come into play where it returns the object with the lowest numTwo if in the case goal matches with multiple matching num‘s, so in this case it should return {num:7,numTwo:3}


Make your expression a subtraction and use || to involve the comparison of numTwo when that subtraction is 0:

const arr = [{num:3,numTwo:1},{num:5,numTwo:3},{num:7,numTwo:9},{num:7,numTwo:3},{num:8,numTwo:4}];
const goal = 7;

const closest = arr.reduce(function (prev, curr) {
    return (Math.abs(curr.num - goal) - Math.abs(prev.num - goal) 
            || curr.numTwo - prev.numTwo) < 0
        ? curr
        : prev;