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How do I type-check this object in Typescript

I am in a state of confusion on how I would go about type-checking this variable, but I am not able to do it.

What I understand is that this is an object which contains fields, but these fields are written in a obscure way.

The object is called userApproval

Here is the object when I output it to console.

l8s.restart_trigger: true, l8s.system_scale: true, manager.cleanup: true, 
manager.extend: true

Now this is the type I am attempting to type to,

 export type UserApproval = {
  MANAGER_EXTEND: boolean;
  L8S_SYSTEM_SCALE: boolean;

Is this correct


I think the keys of your object are example.test so based on that try this types.

type ApprovalTypes =  {
  'l8s.restart_trigger': boolean;
  'l8s.system_scale': boolean;
  'manager.cleanup': boolean;
  'manager.extend': boolean;

const data:ApprovalTypes = {
  'l8s.restart_trigger': true, 
  'l8s.system_scale': true, 
  'manager.cleanup': true, 
  'manager.extend': true