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How do I insert HTML into Mongodb?

I keep getting kicked out of the shell when I try to paste in an HTML text file. How can this be done? Do I first need to use some javascript to encode it or something?


db.test.insert({x:"<div id='product-description'><p>Who hasn’t wished for a mini-Roomba to    handle the arduous task of cleaning their iPhone screen? Now your dreams have come true!</p>  <p>See the Takara web page for a <a href=''  title='automee s' target='_blank'>demo video.</a></p>
<p><strong>Colors: </strong> White, Red, Orange and Blue<br>
Runs on a single AA battery.</p>
<p>1,575 yen</p><!-- end #product-description --></div>"})


I put only single quotes inside my html and wrapped the whole thing in double-quotes, but still no good. shell error:

> j = ({z:"<div id='product-description'><p>Who hasn
Unicode text could not be correctly displayed.
Please change your console font to a Unicode font (e.g. Lucida Console).



You need to remove or encode the control characters in your string.

For example, paste your text in here, and encode to UTF-8 ECMAScript (which means javascript strings).

ps: here an article about strings in javascript. tells you what needs escaping.