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How do I find the “string number” of a given string, in an array?

I have the following array of strings:

array = ["fox jumps", "snail slides", "airplane flies"];

I’m trying to find the string in the array containing “airplane”, and return the string number in the array.

I have the following code so far:

var array = ["fox jumps", "snail slides", "airplane flies"];
var el = array.find(a =>a.includes("airplane"));

…which finds the string “airplane flies”

From this point, how do I return the string number? in this example, it should be “3”


findIndex almost does what you want, but note that arrays in JS are zero-based, and since you want a one-based result (you want to return 3 for the third element in the array, not 2), you need to add one:

var el = array.findIndex(a =>a.includes("airplane")) + 1;