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How do I delete all unused imports in the active file with one command in VS Code (typescript)?

Previously, I used to be able to do CMD+SHIFT+p > Organize imports and this would both sort and delete unused imports. This functionality seems to have broken.

How can I delete unused imports quickly with one command?

Current workaround is: click on unused import, CMD+. > Delete unused imports.

enter image description here

Languages for which this is applicable (typescript, typescriptreact, javascript, javascriptreact).

I have confirmed VS code is using a recent version of typescript unlike people in this post enter image description here


It turns out that Organize Imports does actually work as expected but it was conflicting with the Deno plugin.

I found this out by using the amazingly useful Extension Bisect feature which is built into Visual Studio Code. Extension Bisect disables half your extensions and asks you to check if the issue persists. This process is repeated until only a single extension is left. I strongly recommend trying it out via CMD+SHIFT+P > Start Extension Bisect

Turns out my issue is a duplicate of this GitHub issue.