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How can I move cursor over chart at any place and not just on the series data points?

I have 2 point line series each having default cursor on them. The default cursor runs along the series data (points). What I want is a cursor that I can move anywhere in the chart not just on the series data.



thanks for your question. Based on the tags, I’ll assume you are using LightningChart JS.

If I understood your desired behaviour correctly, you’d like the cursor to always be positioned at the users mouse, and displaying the solved closest data-point in the result table.

This can be achieved with a Chart Marker, which is basically a cursor that can be created and positioned in application code.

Custom cursor with ChartMarkerXY

Here’s a code snippet on how to:

  • listen to mouse events on the document.

  • solve nearest data-point from series.

  • position Chart Marker at arbitrary location.

const marker = chart.addChartMarkerXY()

document.addEventListener( 'mousemove', ( event ) => {
    // Solve nearest data point.
    const cursorPoint = chart.solveNearest( { x: event.clientX, y: event.clientY } )
    // Translate mouse location to Axis.
    const locationOnAxes = translatePoint(
        chart.engine.clientLocation2Engine( event.clientX, event.clientY ),
            x: chart.getDefaultAxisX().scale,
            y: chart.getDefaultAxisY().scale
    // Position Chart Marker, but override its location.
        .pointAt( cursorPoint )
        // Override Cursor location to that of mouse location.
        .setPosition( locationOnAxes )
} )
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