How can i get the red green and blue values from an rgb/rgba string?

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If I have the string rgba(111,222,333,0.5) how can i extract the individual colours from the string, i.e.

red => 111
green => 222
blue => 333
opacity => 0.5

I would like to be able to use a neat clean solution for this so I am assuming a regular expression would be best?


I’d avoid regex for a predictable string, and suggest:

// assigning the rgb() colour to a variable:
var colorString = "rgba(111,222,333,0.5)",

    // using String.prototype.substring() to retrieve
    // the substring between the indices of the opening
    // and closing parentheses:
    colorsOnly = colorString.substring(
        // here we find the index of the opening
        // parenthesis, and add 1 to that index
        // so that the substring starts after that
        // parenthesis:
        colorString.indexOf('(') + 1,

        // and terminating the substring at the
        // index of the closing parenthesis:
      // here we split that substring on occurrence
      // of a comma followed by zero or more white-
      // space characters:

    // String.prototype.split() returns an Array,
    // here we assign those Array-elements to the
    // various colour-, or opacity-, variables:
    red = colorsOnly[0],
    green = colorsOnly[1],
    blue = colorsOnly[2],
    opacity = colorsOnly[3];

JS Fiddle demo.

Or, given that you want an object returned:

var colorString = "rgba(111,222,333,0.5)",
  colorsOnly = colorString.substring(colorString.indexOf('(') + 1, colorString.lastIndexOf(')')).split(/,s*/),
  // here we initialise an empty Object:
  components = {};
// here we assign the Array-elements to the
// named properties of that Object: = colorsOnly[0]; = colorsOnly[1]; = colorsOnly[2];
components.opacity = colorsOnly[3];

console.log(colorsOnly, components);

JS Fiddle demo.

Edited to use more contemporary JavaScript:

const colorString = "rgba(111,222,333,0.5)",
  // here we use destructuring assignment to assign the returned Array-elements
  // - in respective order - to the named variables:
  [red, green, blue, opacity] = colorString.substring(colorString.indexOf('(') + 1, colorString.lastIndexOf(')')).split(/,s*/),
  // passing the variables into the Object Literal; in this instance
  // we're passing in the variables which are the literal name of the
  // properties they define and which also contain the relevant value:
  colorObject = {
console.log(red, green, blue, opacity, colorObject);


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