Getting all documents from one collection in Firestore

Hi I’m starting with javascript and react-native and I’m trying to figure out this problem for hours now. Can someone explain me how to get all the documents from firestore collection ?

I have been trying this:

async getMarkers() {
  const events = await firebase.firestore().collection('events').get()
    .then(querySnapshot => { => {
        console.log('LOG 1',;
  console.log('LOG 2', events);
  return events;

Log 1 prints all the objects(one by one) but log 2 is undefined, why ?


The example in the other answer is unnecessarily complex. This would be more straightforward, if all you want to do is return the raw data objects for each document in a query or collection:

async getMarker() {
    const snapshot = await firebase.firestore().collection('events').get()
    return =>;

Source: stackoverflow