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Get two properties at runtime and make combination of those two properties in string (orderby orderdirection)

I have two properties “orderby” and “orderdirection” in widget. In runtime I can adjust those properties check snip : enter image description here

I want to set these properties in my rest api query. eg: Query = “/_api/web/lists/getbytitle(‘” + listname + “‘)/items?&”$select=ID,Title,Date&$orderby=Title desc,Date asc

Above values are hardcoded but I want to change those values in runtime. When I want to update just one value “Title desc”, its easy but I want to set any number of columns at runtime.

My approach : Spilt the string first orderby.Split(“,”) and then make one string with both combination of “orderby orderdirection,orderby orderdirection,orderby orderdirection“. I just wanted to check if any other approach I can try here. Please suggest your suggestion here. Thank you .


a solution :

    var orderby = "Title,Date,Other";
    var orderdirection = "desc,asc,asc";
    var ar0 = orderby.split(",");
    var ar1 = orderdirection.split(",");
    var res=[];
    for(let i = 0; i < ar0.length; i++){
        res.push(ar0[i] + ' ' + ar1[i]);
    var result = res.join(",");