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Firestore GET all Boolean TRUE then append FALSE values

I need a request/ request flow that retrieves all the documents where the boolean is true and then gets all that is false.

Is there a firestore query I can make that does this? An orderBy?

Currently, I have an InfiniteScroll and I am struggling for the display to switch between getting true values to getting false values.

    if ( < ITEMS_PER_PAGE) {
        if (onlyListed) {
          // transition from true to false
        } else {
          // already transitioned so no more true or false values

It seems the issue is currently it doesn’t switch between getting true to false seemlessly on ReactJs side. So a firestore query that fetches all true then false would be perfect as then I can use a regular pagination flow that I know works.


If you want only the documents where the onlyListed field value is true, you can use a query:

ref.where('onlyListed', '==', true)

If you want all documents with the onlyListed field, no matter its value, but with them grouped by their value, you can use an ordered query:


If this gives the wrong order, you can reverse it by:

ref.orderBy('onlyListed', 'desc')