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Firebase Functions Finished with status: error

I am writing my first Firebase Function that is supposed to make a collection with a document inside (in Firestore) when a new user registers. The only logs I am getting are the following:

Function execution started


Function execution took 194 ms. Finished with status: error.

The versions of the dependencies:

"firebase-admin": "^10.0.2",
"firebase-functions": "^3.20.0"

This is my code:

const functions = require("firebase-functions");

const admin = require("firebase-admin");

const db = admin.firestore();

exports.newUser = functions.auth.user().onCreate((user) => {
    return db

When I tried outputting the user.uid in the logs with

return functions.logger.log(user.uid);

I got the expected results as it output the uid as requested, meaning that the problem isn’t with getting the user.

I have read this question, but it didn’t solve my problem. Any ideas?


I am writing this for anyone that comes across the same problem in the future! I wrote an email to the firebase support, they gave me the following answer:

Regarding this same error, we have received a couple of similar reports these past few days.


There is already an escalation placed for this.

Update: They have already fixed the issue.