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Fetching all the available microphones – Map is not a function

I have the following code to fill up a select with the available microphones

const audioInputSelect = document.querySelector('select#audioSource');

// Updates the select element with the provided set of cameras
function updateMicrophoneList(microphones) {
    audioInputSelect.innerHTML = ''; => {
        const microphoneOption = document.createElement('option');
        microphoneOption.label = microphone.label;
        microphoneOption.value = microphone.deviceId;
    }).forEach(microphoneOption => audioInputSelect.add(microphoneOption));

// Fetch an array of devices of a certain type
async function getConnectedDevices(type) {
    const devices = await navigator.mediaDevices.enumerateDevices();
    return devices.filter(device => device.kind === type)

// Get the initial set of cameras connected
const microphonesList = getConnectedDevices('audioinput');

// Listen for changes to media devices and update the list accordingly
navigator.mediaDevices.addEventListener('devicechange', event => {
    const newMicrophoneList = getConnectedDevices('audioinput');

I’m getting the error

VM1759 audio_devices.js:7 Uncaught TypeError: is not a function
    at updateMicrophoneList (VM1759 audio_devices.js:7)
    at VM1759 audio_devices.js:24

Why doesn’t map work here?


getConnectedDevices is an async function, meaning that it returns a Promise instead of an array. You can use the .then function to update the list when the Promise is fulfilled.