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Error when trying to retrieve/get data from the local storage?

        const headers = new Headers({
          'access_token' : accToken,
          'Content-Type': 'application/json',



    , data, {
          headers: headers
        .then((response) => {
          this.users = response;
        }, (error) => {
          if (error) {
            this.errorMessage =;
        }).catch(error => {
          //this.errorMessage =;

Error when trying to retrieve/get data from the local storage?

I have created a login form using vuejs from which data is getting stored in the local storage, but I want to retrieve data from local storage for search purpose.

In the localstorage, i have attached screenshot. Where in my code tried getting the values.


Encode your object to JSON before storing it in localStorage. The reason being is that many browsers treat localStorage as a key/value pair strictly for strings meaning that you cannot store complex data types such as an object. By calling JSON.Stringify(obj) you are converting your object to a string with JSON. Then later when you access the data you need to convert it back to an object by using JSON.parse(str).

For example, in your code, you would want to change this line


To this, so you encode the object as a string

localStorage.setItem('loggedinUser', JSON.stringify(;

Then when you retrieve the data you would change your getter from

var searchItem = localStorage.getItem('anonymous_id');


var searchItem = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('anonymous_id'));

That way you are parsing the string back into a proper datatype