Discordjs add space between prefix and command

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I created a music bot that streams music when someone taps !play in-text channel

Now I want to switch !play with please play but it response only with pleaseplay with no space between them and when I tried to change the code:

const prefix = 'please'; //before
const prefix = 'please '; //after

but it doesn’t work at all with an error

log (node:5296) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: No video id found:

const {Client, Attachment, Message} = require('discord.js');
const {token} = require("./config.json");
const bot = new Client();
const prefix = 'please ';

const ytdl = require("ytdl-core");
const request = require('request');
const cheerio = require('cheerio');

const queue = new Map();

bot.on('ready', () => {
    console.log('Client is online!');

bot.on("message", async message => {
    if (message.author.bot) return;
    if (!message.content.startsWith(prefix)) return;
    const serverQueue = queue.get(message.guild.id);
    if (message.content.startsWith(`${prefix}play`)) {
      execute(message, serverQueue);
    } else if (message.content.startsWith(`${prefix}skip`)) {
      skip(message, serverQueue);
    } else if (message.content.startsWith(`${prefix}stop`)) {
      stop(message, serverQueue);
    } else {
      message.channel.send("You need to enter a valid command!");
  async function execute(message, serverQueue) {
    const args = message.content.split(" ");
    const voiceChannel = message.member.voice.channel;
    if (!voiceChannel)
      return message.channel.send(
        "You need to be in a voice channel to play music!"
    const permissions = voiceChannel.permissionsFor(message.client.user);
    if (!permissions.has("CONNECT") || !permissions.has("SPEAK")) {
      return message.channel.send(
        "I need the permissions to join and speak in your voice channel!"
    const songInfo = await ytdl.getInfo(args[1]);
    const song = {
      title: songInfo.title,
      url: songInfo.video_url
    if (!serverQueue) {
      const queueContruct = {
        textChannel: message.channel,
        voiceChannel: voiceChannel,
        connection: null,
        songs: [],
        volume: 5,
        playing: true
      queue.set(message.guild.id, queueContruct);
      try {
        var connection = await voiceChannel.join();
        queueContruct.connection = connection;
        play(message.guild, queueContruct.songs[0]);
      } catch (err) {
        return message.channel.send(err);
    } else {
      return message.channel.send(`${song.title} has been added to the queue!`);
  function skip(message, serverQueue) {
    if (!message.member.voice.channel)
      return message.channel.send(
        "You have to be in a voice channel to stop the music!"
    if (!serverQueue)
      return message.channel.send("There is no song that I could skip!");
  function stop(message, serverQueue) {
    if (!message.member.voice.channel)
      return message.channel.send(
        "You have to be in a voice channel to stop the music!"
    serverQueue.songs = [];
  function play(guild, song) {
    const serverQueue = queue.get(guild.id);
    if (!song) {
    const dispatcher = serverQueue.connection
      .on("finish", () => {
        play(guild, serverQueue.songs[0]);
      .on("error", error => console.error(error));
    dispatcher.setVolumeLogarithmic(serverQueue.volume / 5);
    serverQueue.textChannel.send(`streaming: **${song.title}**`);



The problem is that your arguments are split based on the space character.

const args = message.content.split(" ");

args[1] is being referenced to get the text after the command name, but with the space in the command, args[1] will always be “play” (or whichever command they are using)

A quick fix would be to change args[1] to args[2]

const songInfo = await ytdl.getInfo(args[2]);

Source: stackoverflow