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Discord Bot – Wait for Reply after Interaction

Probably I didn’t understand quite well how Discord API works when we use awaitMessages. What I’m trying to do is to wait for a message from the user after a button was clicked in a private channel:

client.on('interactionCreate', async interaction => {

if (interaction.isButton()) {
    if (interaction.customId.startsWith('dialogue-')) {
        const embed = new MessageEmbed()
            .setTitle('📖 Dialogue')
            .setDescription('Please type your dialgoue')

        await{embeds: })

        // My problem lies here
        const filter = m => ===;
        await, {
            max: 1,
            time: 60000,
            errors: ['time']
            async(collected) => {
                await'Received: ' + collected.first().content.toLowerCase())

As you can see, the user clicks on the button, a message is sent asking for the dialogue. After that the bot should receive the next message.

After debugging I saw that everything that I type after the message is sent to the user, triggers the messageCreate event, which is why my code is not working. In my understanding, when we use awaitMessages the bot should wait for the Promise to be completed. I can’t figure out what I am missing here. Any ideas? Thanks in advance


Reading more the documentation, I found another way to do the same task: Using MessageCollectors

const filter = m => ===
        const collector =, {max: 1, time: 60000})
        collector.once('collect', async (message) => {
            const embed = new MessageEmbed()
                .setTitle(`📖 Dialogue ${dialogueNumber} received with success!!`)
                .setDescription(`Dialogue received: ${message.content}`)

            await{embeds: })

It does the job and works well. However the time directive is not working properly. I have set the time to 4s in order to send a message back to the user if it takes too long to reply. Using the listener end should do the job, somehow is not working and the bot is waiting for the reply for a long time (I prefer that way) but I would like to understand why the bot is still hanging there, waiting for the user to reply. I have a feeling that the filter must be wrong:

        collector.on('end', collected => {
            if (collected.size === 0) {
      'Timeout - You did not send a dialogue')