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Discord bot get number of users in all channels

Im not good with javascript but i have been trying to get count number of users in all voice channels. For example: if 2 users in ‘voice channel 1’ and 1 user in ‘voice channel 2’ I want to print number 3 in console which is all users in voice channels.

var Count;
for(Count in bot.users.array()){
   var User = bot.users.array()[Count];

This code print all members(online/offline) name in console, But i don’t know how to get number of only users in voice channels.



You can filter (Collection.filter()) all the channels in the guild (Guild.channels) to retrieve a Collection of only voice channels. Then, you can iterate through each channel and add the number of members connected to it to the count.

// Assuming 'newMember' is the second parameter of the event.
const voiceChannels = newMember.guild.channels.filter(c => c.type === 'voice');
let count = 0;

for (const [id, voiceChannel] of voiceChannels) count += voiceChannel.members.size;

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