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Disable FancyTree Nodes

Is there anyway to disable fancytree node? Am using Select: 2 option along with Ajax call to populate the tree. I get the data from DB and need to show my preselected node selected and disabled as below.
enter image description here

One option is to set below properties as:

hideCheckbox: true

selected: true

But this makes the checkbox hidden (as shown in green background below)
enter image description here

Can’t I just disable the node itself(as in 1st pic)? Something similar to diabling of entire tree with below option.

disabled: false (disables the tree)


If I use unselectable true then I loose the checked box check. ( screen below)

unselectable: true

selected: true

enter image description here


There is no option to disable a node altogether, but you can ‘disable’ checkboxes using the unselectable option.