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delete a collection with document and collection again inside (firestore react native)

I am having trouble deleting on firestore

enter image description here enter image description here

here’s my delete

var chatId = route.params.number; // +639266825843
var docRef = firestore().collection('ChatRoom').doc(chatId).collection('messages');

but everytime i try to delete nothing happens . There’s no error at all .

this is how I set that collection

.add({...myMsg, createdAt:firestore.FieldValue.serverTimestamp()})


If you want to delete all the docs of the messages (sub)collection, you need to query the collection and delete each document, for example by using Promise.all() or by using a batched write (containing only deletions)

  var chatId = route.params.number; // +639266825843
  var colRef = firestore()

  colRef.get().then((querySnapshot) => {
    Promise.all( => d.ref.delete()));

The docs property of the QuerySnapshot returns an array of QueryDocumentSnapshots.

In addition, look at how your +639266825843 document is displayed in an italic font: this means, in the console, that this document is only present as “container” of one or more sub-collection(s) but that it is not a “genuine” document. It does not exist, because you never created it, you only created docs in one of its subcollections. More detail here.