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Cypress: if element exist then do something

I am having a problem with if element exist then do something. As an example:

if (cypress.$('.row > .text-right > .btn').length > 0) {
            cy.get('.row > .text-right > .btn').click();

the problem here is that cypress aborts the test if the button doesn’t exist but that’s exactly when cypress shouldn’t abort, it should do nothing and continue.

I need a solution for

if (element.exists) {


One way you do it is to get the parent of the element in question, which you know would be displayed every time.

cy.get('parent element').then(($ele) => {
    if ($ele.find('.row > .text-right > .btn').length > 0) {
        cy.get('.row > .text-right > .btn').click()
    } else {
        //Do Something