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Custom response with http-proxy-middleware package

In our project we’re using the “http-proxy-middleware”( npm package for proxy.

There is the “onProxyRes” function to subscribe to http-proxy’s event.

And there is an example of that function:

function onProxyRes(proxyRes, req, res) {
  proxyRes.headers['x-added'] = 'foobar' // add new header to response
  delete proxyRes.headers['x-removed'] // remove header from response

I’m just interesting is it possible somehow based on proxyRes write changed response in res object and do not copy data directly from proxyRes object?

Just example:

proxyRes(readable stream contains the following data: {“url”: “http://domain/test“}, I’d like to modify that response and have res with data like that: {{“url”: “http://changedDomain/test“}} and do not copy data from proxyRes directly



Maybe it looks ugly little bit, but I’m able to manage that with the following code:

function onProxyRes(proxyResponse, request, serverResponse) {
  var body = "";
  var _write = serverResponse.write;
  proxyResponse.on('data', function (chunk) {
    body += chunk;

  serverResponse.write = function (data) {
      var jsonData = JSON.parse(data);
      // here we can modify jsonData
      var buf = Buffer.from(JSON.stringify(jsonData), 'utf-8');,buf);
    } catch (err) {

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