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Creating new php page from admin panel [closed]

I want to make a blog page using php. What I’m stuck with is how to create this page when I want to create a new post from the admin panel?



You will need to create a table of blog posts, and each record will be a stand-alone blog post that you display as a standalone page.

You then have a page, e.g. blog.php, which takes an id (or some form of reference to the blogpost you want to display), query the database for the given blog post and render the page.

I assume you have not posted any code / what you have tried because you have no idea how to get started, so I will also not give you any code, the description above should be enough for you to get started.

I see that you are a new user, so please in the future refrain from asking vague questions, without specific information as it is not allowed.