Convert all existing clipping masks to smart object in Photoshop Using Javascript

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Is it possible to convert all existing clipping masks to smart objects in Photoshop using Javascript?

enter image description here

I mean converting the image and its shape clipping mask to single smart object.


It’s possible: Although this script just looks for a clipping mask and the layer it’s ascribed to. No groups as I don’t know what your PSD is like. But you get the idea.

The real answers were here and here and here

// select the source image
var srcDoc = app.activeDocument;
var numOfLayers = srcDoc.layers.length;

var smart = false;
for (var i = 0; i< numOfLayers-1; i++)
  //select that layer as you go along
  srcDoc.activeLayer = srcDoc.artLayers[i];

  if (is_clipping_layer(srcDoc.layers[i]) == true)
    // alert( + "n    " + srcDoc.layers[i+1].name);
    select_layer(srcDoc.layers[i+1].name, true)
    smart = true;

if(smart == true)

function is_clipping_layer()
  var l = activeDocument.activeLayer;
  return (l.grouped == true && l.kind == LayerKind.NORMAL)

function convert_to_smart_object()
  var idnewPlacedLayer = stringIDToTypeID( 'newPlacedLayer' );
  executeAction(idnewPlacedLayer, undefined, DialogModes.NO);

function select_layer(nm, add)

    var r = new ActionReference();
    r.putName(stringIDToTypeID("layer"), nm);
    var d = new ActionDescriptor();
    d.putReference(stringIDToTypeID("null"), r);
    if (add == true) d.putEnumerated(stringIDToTypeID("selectionModifier"), stringIDToTypeID("selectionModifierType"), stringIDToTypeID("addToSelection"));
    executeAction(stringIDToTypeID("select"), d, DialogModes.NO);

  catch (eeek)

Source: stackoverflow