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Convert 2D Array of words into single Array [closed]

I have an array of arrays with sentences in each element. I want to end up with one single array with each word split up by spaces and then get the length of the whole array

I know I need to loop through the array and then apply split but is there a better way?

const temp2 = [
  ['this is an array'],
  ['this is a scentence'],
  ['I love stackoverflow']
  temp2[0][0].split(' ').length // 3 words


A simpler logic

  • Convert your multi dimensional array to a single dimensional array with Array.flat Reference
  • Convert this array to a single string using Array.join Reference
  • Spilt this single sting on spaces using regex /s+/ with String.split Reference
  • Find the length of the generated array.

const temp2 = [['this is an array'],['this is a scentence'],['i love stackoverfloe']];
const output = temp2.flat().join(' ').split(/s+/).length;