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Comparing color strings in typescript

I am trying to compare the following color strings with each other, i am using localeCompare for this and here we have the following colors: ‘yellow’, ‘green’, ‘white’ and transparent. These are saved in the variable ‘status’ as shown below.

How can i compare these strings the best way? Is there some kind of sort order i can set?

arr1.sort((a, b) => (a.status != null) ? a.status.localeCompare(b.status) : 0)

I tried reversing it but that was pure random stuff, i have trouble understanding this.

arr1 has multiple data stored in it, like

name: 'name'
firstName: 'firstname'
status: 'yellow'

I have a table which is rendered and in this table we want the yellow once to show first, the green second, white after that and transparent at the end of the table.

  1. yellow
  2. green
  3. white
  4. transparent

With the localeCompare, when i do the alphabetic ordering, ofcourse yellow is shown at the end of the list.



Since there doesn’t seem to be a clear value from the string you could use, how about defining the order yourself:

type StatusColor = 'yellow' | 'green' | 'white' | 'transparent';

const colorOrder: Record<StatusColor, number> = {
  yellow: 0,
  green: 1,
  white: 2,
  transparent: 3

const exampleStatus: StatusColor[] = ['yellow', 'white', 'transparent', 'green', 'green', 'yellow', 'transparent', 'yellow'];

exampleStatus.sort((a, b) => colorOrder[a] - colorOrder[b]);

console.log(exampleStatus); // [ "yellow", "yellow", "yellow", "green", "green", "white", "transparent", "transparent" ]
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