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Combining some() and startsWith() javascript

I have an array with strings: const fruits = ['Apple', 'Banana', 'Orange']

I am trying to write a function that returns true or false depending on if a string starts with any string in the array, which would be true for example 'Applepie' or 'Bananabread'.

I found startsWith() and some(), and combining them is sort of what I am after.

How would I do this?



You’d call some on the array and return the result of theString.startsWith(theArrayEntryForEachLoopIteration), like this:

const theString = "Applepie";
const result = fruits.some(fruit => theString.startsWith(fruit));

result will be true if there was a match (your callback returned a truthy value), false if there wasn’t (your callback never returned a truthy value). some will also stop looking the first time your callback returns a truthy value, since there’s no point in looking further.

Live Example:

const fruits = ['Apple', 'Banana', 'Orange'];

// Example where it's there:
const theString = "Applepie";
const result = fruits.some(fruit => theString.startsWith(fruit));

// Example where it isn't
const theString2 = "Toffeepie";
const result2 = fruits.some(fruit => theString2.startsWith(fruit));

MDN has good reference and tutorial content: some, startsWith.