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combination of OPTIONAL CHAINING and NULLISH COALESCING operator not rendering the expected result

i am just learning about this combo of Optional chain and Nullish coalescing. Here is the object

const restaurant = {
name_: 'Classico Italiano',
location: 'Via Angelo Tavanti 23, Firenze, Italy',
categories: ['Italian', 'Pizzeria', 'Vegetarian', 'Organic'],
starterMenu: ['Focaccia', 'Bruschetta', 'Garlic Bread', 'Caprese Salad'],
mainMenu: ['Pizza', 'Pasta', 'Risotto'],

openingHours: {
    thu: {
        open: 12,
        close: 22,
    fri: {
        open: 11,
        close: 23,
    sat: {
        open: 0, // Open 24 hours
        close: 24,
orderPizza(ing1, ing2) {
    console.log(`you have ordered your pizza with ${ing1} and ${ing2}`);

as i am trying to check if the method exist,it is printing out both of them anyway.what am i doing wrong?

console.log(restaurant.orderPizza?.('some', 'something') ?? 'no method exist');



Perhaps return a value from the function otherwise it has an undefined value:

const restaurant1 = {
  name_: 'Classico Italiano',
  orderPizza(ing1, ing2) {
    return `you have ordered your pizza with ${ing1} and ${ing2}`;

const restaurant2 = {
  name_: 'Other',

console.log(restaurant1.orderPizza?.('some', 'something') ?? 'no method exist');
console.log(restaurant2.orderPizza?.('some', 'something') ?? 'no method exist');
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