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Class import produces undefined

I’m working on a Vue app and trying to build some helper classes:

file a.js:

export default class Base {//...}

file b.js:

import Base from "./a"
export default class Middle extends Base { // ... }

file c.js:

import Middle from "./b" // Middle here is undefined
export default class Final extends Middle { // ... }}

When I import Middle it is undefined and giving me Uncaught TypeError: Super expression must either be null or a function on the line of extends Middle

I’ve also tried

let Middle = class Middle .... 
export default Middle

Which should not make a difference as far as I know and it didn’t solve the problem..

I’m building a component as a standalone library with:

vue-cli-service build –target lib



Finally I found out that it was some kind of recursion. In the Base class I had a factory method that interprets a JSON and returns the corresponding Final class. This of course means I had to import the Final classes in the Base class’ file.

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