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Check if a string has white space

I’m trying to check if a string has white space. I found this function but it doesn’t seem to be working:

function hasWhiteSpace(s) 
    var reWhiteSpace = new RegExp("/^s+$/");

    // Check for white space
    if (reWhiteSpace.test(s)) {
        //alert("Please Check Your Fields For Spaces");
        return false;

    return true;

By the way, I added quotes to RegExp.

Is there something wrong? Is there anything better that I can use? Hopefully JQuery.


You can simply use the indexOf method on the input string:

function hasWhiteSpace(s) {
  return s.indexOf(' ') >= 0;

Or you can use the test method, on a simple RegEx:

function hasWhiteSpace(s) {
  return /s/g.test(s);

This will also check for other white space characters like Tab.