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Change form action based on drop down selection

Need form to change it’s action depending on the selection from a specific drop down menu. On change should trigger the script and change the action before user submits. Easier said than done when you’re new to JS.. thanks for any help!


<script type="application/javascript">

function chgAction(form1){

    if( recipient=="jordachedotcom_Advertising" )
    {document.form1.action = "/adv_contact.php";}

    else if( recipient=="dept_Public_Relations" )
    {document.form1.action = "/pr_contact.php";}

    else if( recipient=="dept_Manufacturing" )
    {document.form1.action = "/manuf_contact.php";}

    else if( recipient=="dept_Brands" )
    {document.form1.action = "/brands_contact.php";}

    else if( recipient=="dept_Holdings" )
    {document.form1.action = "/holdings_contact.php";}

    else if( recipient=="dept_Vendor_Inquiry" )
    {document.form1.action = "/vend_contact.php";}

    else if( recipient=="dept_Other_Inquiry" )
    {document.form1.action = "/misc_contact.php";}



<form id="form1" name="form1" method="post" action="/">

Please choose a dept:<br/>
      <select name="recipient" id="recipient" size="1" onChange="javascript:chgAction()">
      <option value="" selected="selected">Select</option>
      <option value="dept_Advertising">Advertising</option>
      <option value="dept_Public_Relations">Public Relations</option>
      <option value="dept_Manufacturing">Manufacturing</option>
      <option value="dept_Brands">Brands</option>
      <option value="dept_Holdings">Holdings</option>
      <option value="dept_Vendor_Inquiry">Vendor Inquiry</option>
      <option value="dept_Other_Inquiry">Other Inquiry</option>

<input type="submit">


Your code is missing the part to get the selected item from the selectbox.


The rest should be ok and i have created a Fiddle