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chain promises in javascript

I’ve created many promises like that, in order to create object in my database.

var createUserPromise = new Promise(
  function(resolve, reject) {
      email: ''
    }, function() {
      console.log("User populated"); // callback called when user is created

At the end, I want call all my promises in the order I want. (because somes object depend of other, so I need to keep that order)


So I expect to see :

User populated
Comment populated
Game populated
Room populated

Unfortunately, this messages are shuffled and I don’t understand what.




Looks like you understood promises wrong, re-read some tutorials on promises and this article.

As soon as you create a promise using new Promise(executor), it is invoked right away, so all your function actually are executed as you create them and not when you chain them.

createUser actually should be a function returning a promise and not a promise itself. createComment, createGame, createRoom too.

Then you will be able to chain them like this:


Latest versions of mongoose return promises if you don’t pass callbacks, so you don’t need to wrap it into a function returning a promise.

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