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Can I get the include path of the js file – within the js file?

Is it possible for a js function to figure out the file path of its code ? At runtime.

Ex. <html><head><script src="/js/version-3.2.1/myfile.js" /><head>...</html>


const scriptPath = '/js/version-3.2.1/myfile.js' // how do I get this dynamically?: 
const version = scriptPath.split('-')[1].split('/')[0];
console.log("the version is " + version)



You can use document.currentScript:

The Document.currentScript property returns the <script> element whose script is currently being processed and isn’t a JavaScript module. (For modules use import.meta instead.)

It’s important to note that this will not reference the <script> element if the code in the script is being called as a callback or event handler; it will only reference the element while it’s initially being processed.

const scriptPath = document.currentScript.src
// or
const scriptPath = document.currentScript.getAttribute('src')
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