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All my requests to Firestore are classified as unverified because of AppCheck?

I enforced Firebase AppCheck for Firestore.

Now, when I try to access data, I get an error:

      .then((v) => console.log(;

appcheck error

In Firebase, it says all my requests are unverified:

enter image description here

This only happens for firestore.

Is there something else I must do?

I enabled AppCheck in my app using:

  const appCheck = firebase.appCheck();
  appCheck.activate("MY_SITE_KEY", true);

I tried disabling AppCheck in the firebase console, and now all my requests are accepted.


The firebase documentation says:

Important: Cloud Firestore support is currently available only for Android and iOS clients. If your project has a web app, don’t enable Cloud Firestore enforcement until web client support is available.

Therefore, appcheck cannot be used with firestore for web applications.