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Access user email address in Meteor JS app

I am building an app using Meteor and need to access the stored email address of a logged-in user.

I am currently using:

var userObj = Meteor.user();

to access the user. However, I am only able to access the id. The email address is stored in a nested object that looks like this:

[Object {address="[email protected]", verified=false}]

I have tried various ways to traverse the JSON object but can’t figure out how to access the value I need.


Meteor.user().emails[0].address works for me.

Here’s what the doc says:

By default the server publishes username, emails, and profile. See Meteor.users for more on the fields used in user documents.

Example user document:

  _id: "bbca5d6a-2156-41c4-89da-0329e8c99a4f",  // Meteor.userId()
  username: "cool_kid_13", // unique name
  emails: [
    // each email address can only belong to one user.
    { address: "[email protected]", verified: true },
    { address: "[email protected]", verified: false }
  createdAt: 1349761684042,
  profile: {
    // The profile is writable by the user by default.
    name: "Joe Schmoe"
  services: {
    facebook: {
      id: "709050", // facebook id
      accessToken: "AAACCgdX7G2...AbV9AZDZD"
    resume: {
      loginTokens: [
        { token: "97e8c205-c7e4-47c9-9bea-8e2ccc0694cd",
          when: 1349761684048 }