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A lookup function to match the same IDs in two different arrays of objects and inserting key/value pairs into one of the array of objects

I have 2 different arrays with objects. I want to be basically match an ID from both of the array of objects and then basically take the key value pair from the matching object and add it to the other array’s object.

For example this is one of the array of objects

const groups = [{id: "1234"}, {id: "4321}]

The second array would look something like this

const childCategories = [{id: "4321", url:"/b/test"}, {id: "2223", url:"/b/test32"}]

So in this case since = "4321" matches with = "4321" it would add the url: "/b/test" to the matching ID’s to the groups object so the result should be

const groups = [{id: "4321", url: "/b/test"}, {id: "1234}]

It should also only add the url key value pair to the groups object as there can be other properties that shouldn’t be added to the groups object.

I have tried using .find but i don’t think it’s supported by IE11.

This is currently what I’ve currently tried and it’s not quite working properly or probably the most efficient.

const getCategoryUrl = (childCategories, groups) => { => {
      const url = childCategories.find(child => ===;
      childCategories.find(child => === ? {, url} : group
    return groups



Was it able to get it working with this

const getCategory = (childCategories, groups) => {
    let matchGroup; => {
       matchGroup = childCategories.filter(child => === ? {,url: child.url} : group
    return matchGroup
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