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html css and js not working

This is my code: The css: And the jquery: I’m using the Brackets program to write my code, but when I go to the live view after I saved everything and i press “toggle” the page wont move and I looked over everything and Im 98% sure its correct. Answer Put <script src=”Home.js”></script> before the </body> tag. I made another

How do I render Markdown from a React component?

I have my documentation written in markdown and I would like to render those files from my JSX (ES6+CommonJS) code into React components. How can I achieve this? For example I have styles.markdown …

Javascript Event Listeners – Firing order

If an element has multiple event listeners attached, will the order of execution be based on where/when the events are bound (located in the code from top to bottom). Guaranteed, 100% of the time? Or is there any “randomness” involved in this. What about mixing jQuery and vanilla event listeners on the same element? Answer (Assuming you are talking about

Run JavaScript in Visual Studio Code

Is there a way to execute JavaScript and display the results using Visual Studio Code? For example, a script file containing: I assume that Node.js would be needed but can’t work out how to do it? By Visual Studio Code I mean the new Code Editor from Microsoft – Not code written using Visual Studio. Answer This solution intends to

HTML link to external javascript not working

I am new to JavaScript. I created an external script for my webpage but it’s not working. But when I write it inside the html it works fine. Here is my script. Here is my HTML Answer Check Chrome Developer to see if the js file is being included Is the path correct? Should it be ‘/indexahnew.js’? Remove the new