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image.onload not firing twice in IE7

It works in IE6, and FireFox; but for some reason not in IE7. Using ASP.NET on the Page_Init I populate a list of chapters that are links to the image in the book as well as a Javascript array which …

how to get next week date in javascript

Does anyone know how can I get next week date based on this week date? example if I have this thursday date (25/6/2009) how can I use javascript to get next thursday date (2/7/2009)? Answer You can also look at DateJS if you like “fluent” APIs.

Want to fire Dropdown SelectedIndexChanged Event in Javascript

I have dropdown on my page, I am changing selected value of dropdown from popup window using Javascript. I have some logic in dropdown SelectedIndexChanged event, so I need to fire the SelectedIndexChanged event when dropdown selection changed from Javascript. Answer This should work, if you are still getting some error, you can try like this: yourcontrolClientSideID is the ID

Catch browser’s “zoom” event in JavaScript

Is it possible to detect, using JavaScript, when the user changes the zoom in a page? I simply want to catch a “zoom” event and respond to it (similar to window.onresize event). Thanks. Answer There’s no way to actively detect if there’s a zoom. I found a good entry here on how you can attempt to implement it. I’ve found